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Faux Concrete Vases

Give your decor a sturdy looking vessel to sit in or on with this heavy cement vase. These faux concrete decor pieces have a handmade look, with some variations in texture. Its' surface is slightly uneven, and the color is completely customizable.  These are made using recycled items as the base. Think of it as upcycling or recycling to make a new art piece for your home.

Price depends on the piece you choose to upcycle, however most are sourced pretty cheaply.

$12 - $25


Wooden Coasters

Take your home decor up a notch with these farmhouse inspired coasters. These are stained but you can paint them any color your heart desires.



Small Wooden Pumpkins

Yes...we know it's not fall yet. However, most people are ready for fall. Get a jumpstart on your fall decor with these farmhouse inspired wooden pumpkins. 


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