What will 2021 bring...? New Planner, New Possibilities

What can we really say about 2020? Nothing went as we thought it would. The planner I bought for the year quickly proved to be useless and our typically busy lives were brought to an abrupt halt due to the now infamous and despised Covid-19. While I can sit here and complain about how much of a pain in the rear 2020 was, I'm choosing to reflect on 2020 as more of a hidden blessing that I didn't know I needed. This year has forced me to slow down and take a real look at all the things that took up my time. Now that I've been forced to cut some of them out, I'm not so sure I'll pick them back up when the opportunity arises.

Despite everything, I have been profoundly blessed in 2020. I may have quit my secure state job right before the lockdown and spent most of the year without a paycheck but I was blessed with many other priceless things. I got to spend a LOT more time with my kids. I was locked down with four from March - May. While at times it was challenging, I wouldn't trade that time for anything. I was able to do things with them that we usually didn't have time for. We went on scavenger hunts, played outside together A LOT and just spent more time together in general. It was amazing to see how each one of the kids changed on a daily basis. Those little nuances of change sometimes go unnoticed by us parents when we're constantly moving on to the next thing. I watched my kids flourish with all the extra time and I watched myself flourish as a parent. It was truly a blessing to experience but come May I was ready to start focusing on my goals again.

Speaking of those goals, I was finally able to watch my vision become a reality by opening HIVE in October. Opening a small business during a pandemic was probably not the smartest While I am by no means rich, the support of my friends, neighbors and community has allowed me to maintain my business and household. Who can complain about that?

I've met many wonderful people through Hive. For those who know me...I'm not exactly a people person. I've hired a very people friendly staff to hide behind but those that I have met and interacted with have been nothing but lovely and supportive of my new venture.

Don't even get me started on my awesome staff. These girls are amazing and I could not do what I do without them. Alex, Bailey and Sarah have been the perfect mix of work ethic and sass to make my first few months of being an owner enjoyable. I'm not sure they will ever know how much they mean to me for that but I just typed it...so I guess the cat is out of the bag.

To Plan or Not to Plan

With 2021 newly upon us, it doesn't seem like the Covid monster is going anywhere anytime soon and God only knows what they means for small businesses and the public in general. Politics aside, hopefully I will remain open throughout the year with, at the worst, a few restrictions in place.

With that in mind....yes, I did buy a 2021 calendar. Come what may, I WILL use this one unlike last years. Honestly, I think by May I just gave up and tossed the freaking thing in the trash. With this new planner, I have a whole different outlook. Usually my planner is reserved for appointments and the things that I needed to keep up with a go-go-go lifestyle. I'm thinking 2021, at least the beginning of it, will be at the same snail pace of 2020.

That is why this years planner is less for planning and more for wellness, health, self-care and the mandatory appointments. When I say I agonized over making the decision for which planner I wanted, I mean I lost sleep over it. For me planners set the tone for your ENTIRE year. A little melodramatic when I see it typed out but it is what it is. I finally decided on the Erin Condren Petite Planner - Folio System. Yes, my new baby has a long title but she has proven to be so worth it. It has let me keep track of everything that I wanted and, let's be honest...it's pretty!

This planner is entirely customizable and this was a BIG selling point for me. Inside this bad boy are four petite planners that you choose. Erin Condren has so many options for the petite planner inserts for the Folio System. For my goals this year, I picked the undated monthly planner, the checklist planner, wellness journal, and finally the self-care journal. Each of these will allow me to keep up with the things that I have determined will be important for me to focus on this year. Yes, the year is still young but the layouts have been easy to add to and the paper is thicker so your ink doesn't bleed through.

Why so Much Health/Self Care?

After opening HIVE, life has become a little chaotic and I haven't exactly been taking care of myself. If it's not for HIVE or for my family, it typically gets put on the back burner. I'm tired, emotional and getting sick frequently. With Covid around and about, I don't have time for a compromised immune system caused by stress and bad choices. Now that I've gotten in the swing of things, I know what needs to be done each day to keep HIVE open and thriving. While HIVE is definitely a priority, I have now shoved all of those responsibilities into a much smaller time frame each day. In this case, practice did make perfect. I went from not knowing what I was doing to knowing the basics and now each task takes less and less of my time to accomplish. With the extra time that I now have, I was getting into a funk of watching the First 48 reruns and playing on my phone. While both are highly entertaining, they aren't helping me or my mental health.

This blog is part of that self-care process. God only knows why I enjoy it. I typically hate writing but during the lockdown this blog proved to be therapeutic. It helps to get stuff out, even if only 4 people read it. So with that said, my goal this year is to post two times a week. I will be posting useful stuff, we'll stuff I find useful, but I'll also have my particular brand of humor and life thrown in because that is just how I roll.

I hope this post finds all of you well and that your New Year is of to a wonderful start.

If you're interested in checking out the Erin Condren planners, click here. She has so many different types of planners that you are sure to find one that will trip your trigger. Just so you know, I don't get paid for this referral but I do get reward points that go towards my next purchase.

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