What is Self Care?...Says Every Busy Mom

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Let us be honest for a few seconds. Time is valuable for busy moms. There never seems to be enough of it and when you think about your priorities, you tend to fall near the bottom of the list. However, when you ignore yourself you can cause more harm than good. When you aren't getting what you need, exhaustion, stress and illness soon follow. I've started small. A few minutes for myself everyday to get centered and to take care of my own needs. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Get Physical

  • Take a walk. I try to do this with the kids several times a week. While taking the kids with me makes it a little more hectic, getting outside is a great way to feel refreshed.

  • Stretch or do some yoga. I also try to do some yoga a couple of times a week. Yoga with Adriene, found on YouTube here, has been an awesome experience. She has a whole Find What Feels Good Movement that is pretty empowering on its own. Yoga videos of every length and to help with almost every ailment. Back pain? She's got you covered. Feeling sad? There's a video for that too. She has even started doing meditation videos which are outside of my comfort zone but something that I've been interested in trying so we shall see how that works out.

**P.S. - I picked this picture simply because the guy looks like a pissed off Ned Dorneget from NCIS**

Think a Little

  • Write in a journal. I have a 5 minute journal that I use every morning, usually after my devotional/Bible time. I take five minutes to write down whatever is most on my mind that day. Sometimes it helps and sometimes is doesn't but it usually calms my mind and sets me up for the day.

  • Read a book. I usually have 2 books going at all times. One that is complete mind numbing trash. You know, the books with a half covered Fabio type on the front. It serves absolutely no purpose other than to help me escape if I need it. The other book is something that I'll get something out of. Self-help or non-fiction, something that teaches me something and enriches an aspect of my life. Right now I'm reading Life in the Fasting Lane. I literally just started intermittent fasting and I figured that I should do a little bit more reading before I stuck with it long term.

Pamper Yourself

  • Relax in a hot bath. I try to do this once a week. I have so many oils, scrubs and bath teas that sat on my shelf wasted. I now make the effort to take at least 20 minutes a week to take a hot soak in a relaxing scent. My current favorite bath recipe is the following:

  • Give yourself a facial. I could write an entire post about skincare, and probably will in the next couple of weeks, but taking 15 minutes to take care of your skin is absolutely cathartic. Get a mask, exfoliate and just do something. Even if a facial is out of your comfort zone, figure out a skincare routine that you can stick to. The simple act of washing and moisturizing my face each evening is relaxing.

Find Time For Your Friends

  • Have lunch. Covid-19 has pretty much put a stop to most of the fun but think outside of the box to enjoy time with your tribe. Those connections are SO important.

  • Join a club or group. I've actually been looking into starting something. I don't know what yet but with the bar opening soon, it would be the perfect place to start something. Beer and Yoga? Wine and Whine? I don't know yet but I'm looking for ways to connect with more people.

Take a leap

  • Do something you've never done before. This blog is actually this leap for me. It gives me somewhere to express myself. It's something that I can do while having one of the kids cuddled up next to me.

What do you do to take care of yourself?

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