Turning a Broke Down Pinto Into A Ferrari

Alright y'all, I'm going to declare it here:


I'm making, what I think is a pretty unpopular announcement. I mean, lets be honest, when someone asks how we're doing we answer with fine, OK or good; but do we really mean it? We only get one life and just being OK is definitely not good enough for me anymore.

Let me explain and just lay it all out there. I suffer from the following:

  • tiredness

  • knee pain

  • upper back and neck pain

  • weekly sinus headaches

  • trouble sleeping

  • occasional heartburn

  • anxiety

I'll be honest, there are a few more but they are a little outside of my comfort zone to announce to the world. The point is, these are the things that I deal with almost daily. For years I have blamed it on aging, having kids, getting fat and being an actual adult but I'm starting to think that all of these things are excuses and are, excuse the language, bullshit.

How I Got Here

So, if you know me, you know that my brain works in really weird ways and I get inspiration in the oddest places. I blame this declaration on Zac Efron. Yes, the High School Musical kid who surprisingly grew up to be quite the eye candy. However, absolute dime piece status aside, he has a new show on Netflix that I highly recommend, Down to Earth. I've only watched the first 3 but each episode has had at least one piece of information that has blown my mind. Zac cohosts the show with a guy named Darin Olien. He looked familiar so I did some digging. He is like a superfood expert. If you've ever tried Shakeology or the 21 Day Reset detox diets from Beachbody, he's the guy who created them.

Watching led me to purchase Olien's book, Superlife: The 5 Simple Fixes That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome. I'll be honest, on the show, Olien comes across as a bro but his book is filled with stories and a ridiculous amount of research evidence from universities across the globe.

He claims that if you follow the 5 fixes, you can turn your body into a freaking Ferrari, hence the title of the article in case you were wondering. These 5 fixes are:

  • Nutrition

  • Hydration

  • Oxygenation

  • Alkalization

  • Detoxification

According to Olien, we've been taught to see our bodies as separate parts, i.e. blood, organs, bones, nerves, and skin. However, every cell in our body will respond to those 5 things because those things will change our internal environment. Despite their different functions, we are made of trillions of cells and each one of those have the same basic needs

What Now?

After reading Olien's explanation about cells, it took me back to high school biology and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Zac Efron and this suffer bro are literally making me change the way I view food and basically everything that I will put into my body from here on out. I've tried diet after diet and while they were good for a while, they were never sustainable long term. I have continued to gain weight since my early 20s. I'm now at my heaviest but I've been holding strong at my current weight for about 3 years. I'll lose 10 pounds and then gain it back. I've done that repeatedly. Diets just aren't my thing. I don't have the discipline and I have never enjoyed them. I want to enjoy life and be healthy.

With this in mind, I'll be slowly adding the 5 basic fixes into my lifestyle. According to Olien, if you start using the 5 fixes, you can turn your rusted-out Pinto of a body into a Ferrari by providing it with the things that make it run correctly and if we take care of the 5 fixes, our bodies will do the rest.

I believe him. Our bodies are amazingly created by God. I mean, we may not like our bodies but they are a freaking miracle. Not just one miracle but there are, at any time, an insanely large number of miracles that are occurring inside of our bodies every second. These are occurring without us even having to think about it or do anything! One of my favorite quotes from his book is the following: "Turning water into wine is a miracle, no doubt. But is it more miraculous than turning broccoli, walnuts, beets, apples and water into bones and organs and blood and brains? Not to me." I mean just think about it. Even if you don't like the appearance of your body, it is still a miracle that you exists and that it works.

So I'm taking my Pinto into the shop for a tune-up. I don't know how long it will

take but the goal is to have a better tuned machine in the end. A Ferrari may be a bit much, I would settle for a sensible sedan at this point. I'll be sharing my progress, my lifestyle changes and my progress as I go. I would love anyone who is interested to reach out. Share your thoughts, goals and questions. I need accountability so let me know.

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