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During this quarantine, I've been doing a little too much online shopping...I may have a problem. However, my spending is to your benefit. Today, I'm making a list of all the products that I have been using for the last couple of months that I think are AMAZING! I've tried them so that you don't have to.

**Disclaimer - I receive a small percentage of each sale thanks to these affiliate links.**

Smileactives - Advanced Teething Whitening Pens

These things are awesome! Not only does it whiten your teeth but it also whitens your dental composites too. I have two composite fillings in the front of my mouth. My love for all things coffee, tea and red wine has not been kind to them and I was beginning to get really paranoid. I've been doing a lot more social media and I'll be honest, I was editing my photos to whiten my teeth.

My mom actually gave me one of these to try, she loves them, and within two days, I already saw a difference.These are super simple to use. You just paint it on your teeth with the little brush and then avoid eating for drinking for 20 minutes.

I find these so much easier than the strips or trays. These work quicker and leave behind no sensitivity.

Vivienne Sabo Classic French Mascara Cabaret Premiere

I can' t say enough about this mascara. When my favorite drugstore mascara had yet another price increase, I wanted something better and cheaper. I searched beauty bloggers high and low for their recommendations. I have tried a ridiculous amount of other drugstore tubes that just didn't live up to the hype for me. One last beauty blogger recommended this and I have been hooked ever since. The small brush helps to coat even the smallest and most stubborn lashes.

Amazon Brand - Daily Ritual Women's Jersey Bunch-Sleeve Top

If you guys are like me, the quarantine 5 (or 15) hit hard. I may not have actually gained that much weight but with the crap that I've been eating since being at home has made me extremely bloated. Now that we are slowly emerging out into the world, I want a shirt that is cute but able to camouflage the muffin top. Enter this shirt. It is well made and is relatively cool despite the sleeve length. While this photo isn't the best, it was very comfortable for an outdoor scavenger hunt with the kids.

Adecco LLC 4 Pairs Hair Braid Accessories Ponytail Maker,French Braid Tool Topsy Tail Loop Hair Kit

I have boldly colored hair and so I try not to shampoo it often. I have a system, and I usually only shampoo my hair every 5 days. On days 4 and 5, sometimes an updo is the only way it looks good. Enter the old-school topsy tail of my youth. There are soooo many things you can do with this. I actually use it more on my daughter's hair than I do my own but these things have been awesome!

They help me look like I actually know what I'm doing.

MineTan My Moroccan Self Tan Foam

Tanning is a thing of the past for me. While I love the sun kissed look, my skin will probably not appreciate it a few years. SPF is my new best friend and this guy here is a close second. This goes on easily, I would highly recommend getting a mitt (I use this ONE). The mitt helps apply it evenly and doesn't stain your hands.

Once it is on, you can shower after three hours if you like the color. If you want it darker, just keep it on. After six hours, you have the darkest shade. As you apply, it also tints your skin so you don't miss spots.

I have tried a lot of self tanners over the years. I've even paid to have them professionally done but I can't justify spending the money to have it done every two weeks as needed. This has been an awesome find. I tend to apply it about once a week. Always after a shower where I have exfoliated (meaning shaved my legs). Once out and dry, I apply this and wait like 3-5 minutes before putting my clothes on. It says not to get it wet within the first hour but I can say that one of the babies spit up on me and it made no difference.

My pet peeve has always been the smell of self tanners. I don't even know how to describe it. It smells like putrid sandalwood. Yeah, I know, I probably couldn't have picked a more obscure reference, just know that they usually stink. While this one doesn't smell like roses, it is one of the least objectionable that I have come across.

Oval Clear Plastic Soap Dispenser Pump Bottles with White Plastic Tops

This may be a random one but these things have been an awesome addition to my household. I like to use organic body washes (ONE of my favorites), while they are not super expensive, I don't want to buy a new bottle every time my kids decide to drop half a bottle in their bath.

With these bottles, I add a little over half of the body wash and then fill it up with water. I have a luxurious foam body wash and I have tripled the use of each purchased bottle. I also use these for hand soap at the kitchen and bathroom. Both help cut the cost of the products I buy in half.

16 Pack Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads with Laundry Bag

If you know me, I'm slowly becoming a crunchy and granola type. I would typically use 1-2 cotton rounds a day when doing my skincare routine. I bought these on a whim to see if I could cut down on my trash and they have been a great. They are definitely softer than their cotton counterpart and they come with a bag for washing. They do stain. Most of mine have black smudges from eyeliner and mascara removal. However, this doesn't take away from their effectiveness.

Maybe Days: A Book for Children in Foster Care

For those who are foster parents or for those who are even thinking about it, this book is awesome for your little ones. It helps to break down the foster care process in terms that they can understand. It goes through all the people involved, i.e. social workers, lawyers and judges. I have found that it helps simplify things so they have a better idea of what is happening and are much less anxious about meeting all the players involved in their case.

I hope that one of these strike your fancy. I would like to start a monthly series where I try 5 products for a month and then review them for you. If there are any products that you have been interested in, let me know. As long as they're not stupid expensive, I'll give them a go so you don't have to.

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