The Creation of Wellbeing

Wellbeing starts with self-care. There...I said it. It's probably an unpopular opinion but if I'm honest, I'm known for having those too. All of us want a healthy and thriving life but how many of us actually take the time to figure out what we're doing wrong to get there?

I never did. I knew what I should do but I never looked at my life and figured out how to do it. Or...I would do it for a few weeks and decide that it just wasn't feasible. Then entered all the excuses that we give ourselves as to why it didn't work. It was never MY fault! I didn't have enough time, the kids needed too much, I'm trying to run 2 businesses by myself and the list goes on and on and on.

After the excuses come the things we say to make ourselves feel better. It's like we're planning for the future but not committing to anything. I'll start next week. I'll start when the kids are older. I'll start when I have more money. I'll start when my businesses open. A couple years pass and you're in the same position, or worse, with the same list of excuses and plans with no real idea of how to get where you want.

I'm here to tell you that at any given point and during any given circumstance YOU can make the decision to change your path, story and future. When did being tired, overweight and generally "healthy" be normal? About a month ago, I made the decision that I had enough and, for me, I took a drastic measure. I asked for help.

Asking for help has opened so many different avenues of support that I can't even wrap my head around it, however, what is most important to me is that it opened up a whole new list of resources for information and study. Yeah...I'm a nerd, I know. However, these resources gave me an entirely new outlook on how my life currently is versus what I want it to be.

Let me say that was one hell of a hard process. To look at your current reality and actually list what you don't like about it is hard and slightly depressing. I wrote down things that I have never actually thought about, at least not consciously. I'm not talking just about health and body image issues. I'm talking about EVERYTHING from health to finances. It was an eye opening experience and for a few days I was in my feelings about it. I mean, I never knew that there were so many things in my life I would change if I could.

Once I made that list. I envisioned how I wanted my life to look in year, in 5 and in 10. Those were SO much better but the problem is how do you get from point A to point B. One of my favorite words came into play....PLAN. I have so many goals to meet to get there but I decided to focus on 5 to get started. I picked 5 goals that I knew with a good amount of work, I could hit.

I then took those goals and created an action plan. What is one thing that I can do everyday to help me reach those goals. Once those daily tasks become habit, I'll pick a few more goals and go from there. Right now I'm working on diet, exercise, water intake, the blog and the dreaded housekeeping at home. I have 5 daily goals that I aim to hit EVERY DAY and once those daily goals are a habit, I'll pick a few more long term goals and figure out daily habits to get there.

When you sit down and think of it that way, it's not this insurmountable task that you can't tackle anymore. It is a series of daily choices that either help or hinder you. That is SO much more doable. After 4 weeks of doing this with these 5 goals, I can't begin to explain how it feels. I'm much more positive because I feel like I'm making positive choices that will actually impact my future. I choose to do these 5 small things that all together take less than 40 minutes a day. Walking 30 minutes takes up the most of it but in my defense, I don't usually do all 30 at one time. If it's a busy day, I'll break it up into several 10 minute walks around the neighborhood or even a few 5 minute walks around the bar. Whatever it takes to meet my goal is what I do and I feel good with making those decisions.

Have you ever sat down and done any of this? Ever made monthly goals with daily tasks to get there? Try it! If you need help or have questions, reach out. I'm fired up about this because it is SO empowering. Watching yourself slowly eek your way to big goals is an amazing feeling so give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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