Putting Gas in the Pinto (Pinto to Ferrari Part 3)

Water is a great thing apparently. Honestly, I hate it but I force myself to drink it because its good for me. However, I'm starting to wonder just how good it is and is all water created equal.

I'm telling you, Zac Efron ruined my life. I'll include his picture again just because despite ruining my life, I still like to look at him. I mean, its not the face of someone who ruins lives.

This freaking show has caused me to question everything. Its like I'm having a freaking midlife crisis. Don't even get me started on Darin Olien's book because that just made shit even worse. I'm now looking at water like its a wolf in sheep's clothing and trying to figure out if a bottle of water is the water for me. It is starting to become exhausting.

Why Am I Having a Water Crisis?

Apparently, good clean water with natural minerals is the only water we should be drinking. Guess what this isn't...basically any bottled or tap water you can find. In the United States, we have taken water for granted so much that we have basically rendered it unsafe to drink by dumping chemicals in it to make it "safe". I get why we do it, like killing off illness causing bacteria, but we do it in ways that add chloride and fluoride in it at levels that shouldn't be ingested continually. Our drinking water contains what the government deems as acceptable levels of contaminants. At this point, there is no such thing as pure water anymore. Its all a gross mash of water and other, sometimes gross, stuff.

I've always been a tap water drinker. I thought I was making the right choice by drinking water and not using single use plastic. Apparently, I was wrong. Bottled water isn't much better. You can try to drink bottled spring water but you have no way of knowing exactly what it contains and being in that plastic bottle for months isn't making it a healthier choice.

Ideally, we would be drinking water from an unpolluted spring that has been exposed to oxygen, natural minerals and salts as it travels. Who has access to that? On another note, do any of those even still exist?

What is the solution?

Distilled Water is Olien's solution. It is apparently, the only really clean water. It has a low TDS (total dissolved solids) and neutral pH. However, once you get the distilled water, you need to add some of the natural minerals back to it. Distilled water is pure, meaning that it has been striped of all the good and bad. So, by adding half a teaspoon of unprocessed crystal salt to a gallon of water, you can add some of the minerals back to it. This is supposed to help supply your body with needed minerals and not strip them away.


So, there is A LOT of debate about this. Most believe that whether you should drink purified water, spring water or purified water is simply up to you and your taste preferences. Honestly, I hate purified water because it has no taste whatsoever. Mineral water and spring water tend to have a little flavor but I have no idea what is in it that gives it that flavor.

As I dug more and more into what I thought was the simple product of bottled water, I got pretty pissed. The lack of labeling restrictions is ridiculous. Apparently, I can go get water out of my dad's well, slap an "artesian" label one it and people will pay stupid money for it because it's fancy. You're paying for the packaging people.

Just for fun, let me spell it out for you...

Spring water can be called artesian, ground or well water for distribution purposes. This water has to come from an underground aquifer and must be accessed by a well. Peep this, it DOESN'T have to be treated.

Purified water requires ALL impurities to be reduced to no more than 10 parts per million. That means the good and the bad. However, this only requires the removal of chemicals and pathogens...NOT microbes. Surprisingly, this is a higher standard than general drinking water. Due to the strict filtration and purification standards, purified water can come from anywhere.

Filtered water just means that is has been subjected to some type of filtration, which is all sold water.

My Take

I'm going to try Olien's fix. The worst case scenario is that I'll be drinking salty water for a month. Hell, that may even help me drink more of it. I always crave salt so maybe this will be a healthy way to get my fix. I don't necessarily see anything bad about it and honestly, my tap water has been giving me heartburn, I blame the chloride.

I'll let you know at the end of the 4 weeks how this salty water works.

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