Junk To Treasure

I'm an avid thrift shopper. I like taking other people's crap and turning it into something fabulous for myself. Since today is #NationalThriftDay, I figured I'd talk about the benefits of it and why I do it.

I can't tell you how much time I have spent scouring the aisle of a thrift store, whether it is a Goodwill, Salvation Army, yard sale or even a consignment shop, I get some kind of high from trying to find treasures. With that in mind, I hit our local Goodwill after church yesterday just to see what they had. I'll be honest, this go round was a little bit of a bust for me but sometimes, you hit the jackpot!

Just for example, if you live here in Eden and happen to wear a size 9, you could have a pair of some of the most comfortable shoes that I have ever owned. I have these Earth shoes in my own size and paid well over $80.00 for them. I love them so much that I have two pair in different colors. At Goodwill, they had a pair that were in excellent condition and could be yours for freaking $4.99! You can't freaking beat that and with fall coming, they would make the best pair of transition shoes. They look great with jeans and even dresses. You can't beat a deal like that!

What I did end up with is a great vest. I got a great Old Navy, color blocked vest that will take me through fall and early winter. Best part, it only cost me $4.32 with tax! Granted, I had to wade through a pile of family reunion t-shirts and acid washed jeans but I promise there are great things in there.

When you go, don't just look at clothing, sometimes they have excellent finds in the home and décor sections. I can't tell you how many of my curtains have been purchased at a thrift store.

Why I Shop Thrift

Let me be completely honest and say that I first started shopping at thrift stores as a broke college kid. I liked to change my wardrobe pretty regularly and shopping at a thrift store was the cheapest way to do it. It became the "thing" I was known for and good at in college. However, as I finally got my life together and became a "responsible" adult, I realized that I should continue to do shop thrift.

  1. Obviously, it's cheaper. If you don't waste a ton of money on new clothes or fast fashion, you have that cash to do more fun things. Go to that concert, eat at that fancy restaurant. Whatever it is you want to do, it helps you save the money to do it.

  2. You'll have clothes that no one else does. How many times have you seen someone buy the latest outfit off the rack just to show up somewhere and see somebody else in it? I'm too much of an individual for that. I don't like looking like other people. When you manage to get quality pieces by thrifting, you get a completely unique wardrobe and there is no chance that someone will ever dress like you.

  3. Possibly one of my favorite reasons is that its like taking a trip in time. You never know what decade you'll find when you go. Just this last trip alone, I found a New Kids on the Block t-shirt, high-wasted acid washed jeans and more fanny packs than I could shake a stick at. While I won't be purchasing any of them, it is nice to see them and get a chuckle out of them.

  4. It is better for the environment. How many times have you bought something only to have it ruined within a couple months or, God forbid, one wash? I was tired of having the chub rub from my thighs ruin pair after pair of cheap jeans. I was spending so much money just replacing them bad boys every 6 months. I started looking at the jeans in thrift stores and began to find quality denim for a fraction of the costs. Sometimes, I do have to tailor them but the denim lasts so much longer than the extra expense is worth it. Not having to throw away a pair of pants every 6 months definitely helps the environment. I mean, you're essentially recycling clothes.

  5. Another favorite thing is that you can buy things cheap and them DIY them into something better. Not a thrifting story but a couple of years ago, our neighbors put several old wooden ladders out by the road for trash. We took all of them and now have cool and creative wall displays in our house. Thrift stores always have baskets that can be painted or picture frames that can be distressed. The sky is the limit with these projects and you can make your house look fabulous at a fraction of the cost.

This is a horrible picture of the idea but my technology wouldn't cooperate to upload the picture of my own. You get the idea though.

Go forth and thrift people! If you find anything awesome, share! I love to see awesome finds and creative uses. There are so many blogs out there that cater to this idea. Follow them! If you can sew, your potential is almost limitless.

**Side Note**

Seriously, if you're a Size 9 and you live in Eden, you will not regret getting those shoes at Goodwill. There on like the 2nd or 3rd row from the back wall on the right when you go in. They're a gorgeous bone color and super comfy!

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