Inviting You In

As uncomfortable and creepy as that sounds, I am inviting you into the chaos that is my life and how I am prioritizing to meet our needs and thrive.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Like you are simply treading water and are going absolutely no where? As a mom, I feel overwhelmed, ineffective and sometimes down right insignificant. Between myself and my family, we have too much crap and not enough room and therefore the clutter only adds to the chaos. Add a few pets, a few bee yards, a bee and honey business, a tapas bar that is under construction and a foster kid to that and the chaos becomes absolutely ridiculous. Lets not forget to mention the roles that, we modern day, women must play, wife, mother, employee, friend, nurse, teacher, therapist and SO much more. Most of the time I feel like I need medication or booze depending on the responsibilities of the day.

“My goal is to lay it all out there. Life isn't easy. Just because I appear to have it together, I'm a hot train wreck on the inside. I want to create a sense of community with other moms. I can't possibly be the only one who feels like a dumpster fire in the chaos and I think that when we share, we don't feel quite as isolated.”

Who knows what this blog will become. I typically have great ideas but never see them through to fruition but I'm hoping that this time will be different. If for no other reason than to give me a sense of accomplishment outside of the house. The plan is to post a little bit of everything. Eventually, I would like to have guest posts from other women in the area. I would like to have meet ups and get togethers with like minded women and mothers. The sky is the limit. My plans are grand though my means may be small.

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