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Here at The Hive Life, I'm trying to promote everything good, positive, clean, healthy and hilarious. While my reach is pretty short at the moment, I'm good if I get 200-300 views a month, I want to change that. Interaction has been low but I do appreciate every view I have gotten.

I wanted to change things up this Friday with a post about those who have inspired me through either social media, blogs, vlogs or anything internet related. It is amazing what you can find and learn about on the internet. With two kids who hog the tv when we have the time, I had to find other things on my phone, tablet or computer to entertain myself. There is only so much Disney Channel and that a sensible human adult can handle. So listed below are a few of my favorite socials. They give me entertainment, information and general joy.


I would almost argue that this blog started it all for me. I've watched this blog grow from a couple posts a week into a dynamo. Katie, the founder, can sometimes be more crunchy that I like to be but all of her advice and recipes have been pretty spot on. If you're looking for recipes, parenting, home schooling cleaning....basically anything, she probably has a post about it.

This has been another of the health/wellness blogs I follow. Mostly for the recipes but she is all about clean and natural living. If that interests you, give it a look. Her free starter guides are really helpful if you want to start but have no idea how to.

Yoga with Adriene is an absolute favorite. I try to do one of her videos daily. She has several 30 day yoga series on her channel that I have completed. She also has videos directed at specific issues. I carry stress in my neck and shoulders. She has a 17 minute video that I do often to help relieve the pain. She even has a whole website and group called "Find What Feels Good", she calls it a kula, that I've signed up for and have the app to. She won my heart when she made a Cool Runnings reference in one of her earlier videos and I've watched her ever since.


The Refashionista has been a favorite of mine for years. She took a break for a while and is now back at it. She takes thrifting to a whole new level. I only wish I could sew better so that I could copy a few of her ideas. Alas, my sewing isn't the greatest but every now and then she comes up with a no sew idea that I try to copy. She is DEFINITELY worth checking out if you love thrifting, sewing and repurposing. In the times of fast fashion, she is a standout!

Life with Emily is a new one on the list. She is based out of North Carolina and started her blog in 2011 while attending Appalachian State. If you're looking for the quintessential southern style, she has got it in spades. She includes posts about books, travel and general lifestyle topics and has been an inspiration.

I'll be honest, I mostly follow her for the style. She had a spring sandal roundup in May that I may or may not have bought several of. Definitely give her blog a look.


John Reep has always been one of my favorite comedians. Ever since his season on Last Comic Standing he has been pure southern comedy gold. If you don't know who I'm talking about, it's the Hemi guys from the Dodge commercials several years ago. Let us not forget to mention that he is a North Carolinian and an NC State graduate. Old boy has moved back to North Carolina from California and has started this podcasts with his friends in Hickory, NC. It is pure entertainment and I listen or watch it every week. He, and his friends, are absolutely hilarious and they have different segments that keep things moving but listening to them interact with one another and talk about their lives in entertainment enough.


Murder, Mystery & Makeup is a new favorite. Basically you watch this boss babe put on some ridiculously gorgeous makeup all wile talking about murders and murderers. If true crime isn't your think, this may not be for you. She has some salty language but its usually bleeped out. It's always interesting and the makeup is killer (See what I did there?).

Emily Noel has been a beauty blogger that I have followed for years. She was a news anchor who was responsible for doing her own makeup. Once she learned some things, she started her own YouTube channel and eventually left the news to do YouTube full time. She has a little bit of everything beauty related. Back before I fell in love with Maskcara, I would always wait for her to review new makeup before I bought it. She also reviews skincare products which I still watch her for. She is honest about her reviews and I've never bought anything that she has recommended that I didn't like.

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