Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I HATE MASCARA!! There, I said it. I love makeup but I hate the whole concept of mascara. I never can get it to stay where it should and usually end the day either looking tired or like a racoon. In the last year, I have also found that I have become allergic to most tubes. Add swollen and itchy eyelids to the equation and I have a not so lovely eye look to go with the makeup routine that I love.

Let's be honest, we have all wanted those long, full and feathery lashes that we see on T.V. and magazine covers. False eyelashes are time consuming and I have NEVER been able to put them own correctly. I even tried the magnetic lashes and somehow ended up pinching my eyelid.

I started to look into alternatives. I'll be opening Hive, my restaurant and bar, soon and knew that mascara would run everyday in the kitchen. Did you know you can perm a curl into your lashes? Totally didn't know that was a thing until a couple of weeks ago. On my journey of exploration, I discovered eyelash extensions and decided to live my extra life and get me some. I had lots of questions about safety, cost, comfort and the overall process. To get the answers, I set up an appointment with a professional esthetician who performs the service right here in Eden at Downtown Fringe, Audrey Tuck.

Cost - For the first time, they are pricey. After $70 and and 45 minutes, I had new lashes. You will need a refill every 3-4 weeks. These refills should cost no more than $35. Now I will point out here that compared to other places that I researched prior to finding Audrey, I received price quotes as high as $200 dollars for your first set so when I found out that Audrey charged $70, I was willing to try it.

Comfort - I've had mine almost a week and I can honestly say that they are extremely comfortable. I almost don't even notice that I have them. My only issue is that I may need them to be a smidge shorter. I have glasses and when I push them up on my nose, the lashes sometimes rub against the lens.

Safety - I read lots of horror stories online about them being unsafe, however, if you clean them regularly (I wash mine gently every evening when I wash my face) you should have no problem. During the application process, Audrey took every precaution to make sure that your eyes are closed and safe. I even took a small nap.

Materials - There are lots of materials that some estheticians use for eyelash extensions. Mine are mink.

Upkeep - Most of the instructions on upkeep are for the first 24 hours. They are the following:

  • Don't get them wet for 4-6 hours

  • Don't use a spa, sauna or pool for the first 24 hours

  • Do not touch them unless you are brushing them with a spoolie like brush

  • Try not to sleep on them

After the first 24 hours the upkeep is a little les involved and includes the following:

  • Use only oil free products around your eyes

  • If a lash has turned, use your lash wand (spoolie) to correct it.

  • Do not use eyelash curlers

  • Clean eyelashes regularly and let them air dry

  • Brush them regularly (every night and morning)

  • Avoid mascara

Just so you know, eyelashes will fall out but this is normal. When your eyelashes mature, they fall out anyway, however, when they fall out now it just looks like more because the extension is attached to it.

I am extremely happy with my extensions and as long as I have the few extra bucks, I'll probably keep them up. They make me feel fancy and I like it. The pic above is not of me. I cannot for the life of me take a decent picture of my eyelashes. I spent an embarrassingly large amount of time trying.

Are there any other beauty trends that you've heard about and are interested in?

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