Are You Ready For Change?

Are any of us REALLY ready for change? I'm talking the kind of change that affects your daily life and your daily thought processes. How many of us have decided to change something? Boy, we're gang ho about it for about 4 days and then we fall flat on our faces. I can't tell you how many times I've done that. I have always thought that it was because I had the willpower of a 3 year old and that I would never get where I wanted to be. Guess what?!? I was wrong. I just didn't prepare enough. If you don't prepare for big changes how the hell are you suppose to sustain them?

Again, my favorite "P" word comes into play. Planning! If you don't plan for big changes you WILL fail. I'm not talking about making sure you clean out bad food or buy new food and workout clothes. I'm talking about creating a process to address and create a plan to install new behaviors. However, are you even ready to do that?

Stages of Ready

Did you know that there is a readiness scale? I sure didn't until I decided to take on this new lifestyle. Apparently, when you switch to this idea, they want to make sure you are really ready and that failure is not an option.

Stage 1: I'm not ready to change this behavior.

This one is pretty self explanatory. This is for those who see no problem with anything and are perfectly happy with way everything is. For me, I'm not sure I've ever been in this situation. There is always something that I would like to change about something.

Stage 2: I'm thinking about making a change.

I call this the should I or shouldn't I phase. At this point you're trying to figure out if change is worth it and whether the benefits outweigh the costs.

Stage 3: I'm preparing to make a change.

This is where you really start to dig into the idea of change and how or why you're trying to make it. You're trying to decide what steps to take and what journey will help you best reach your goals.

Stage 4: I am in action mode.

At this point, you're making changes. You've already made your plan and you're putting it into action. You're changing your environment, thought processes and choices to help you better reach those goals.

Stage 5: I am sustaining the new change.

At this stage, you've put in the work and you have a new habit as a result of your change. You are now figuring out how to sustain it and keep those changes going.

Stage 6: Lapse and Relapse

You're going to screw up. Nothing is sustainable forever but this step allows for that. It allows for having crappy judgement and getting back on the wagon. For me, what is most important is that it prevents me from feeling like a failure. If you plan to screw up, it makes the actual screw up easier to take.

My Take On This...

This whole process has kind of been an eye opener. Apparently, when I thought I was ready....I wasn't. I wanted change but I was never prepared to really plan and make the decisions necessary to reach them. I can say that this approach works! In 5 1/2 weeks, I've lose over 15 pounds.

It's a daily process of following the plan you set. After a while, they become habits. After 5 weeks, I can say that eating every 2 1/2 - 3 hours is a habit, drinking at least 64 oz. of water a day is now a habit and being more active is a habit.

The goals you set, whether they be for health, finances or whatever, can be reached if you plan enough and dedicate enough effort to get there. I will say that the planning on the front end made the daily execution SO much easier

If you guys have any questions about what I'm doing and how, reach out! If you just want a cheerleader to cheer you on with what you're doing...reach out! I'm here for it all and I want to be that encouraging spirit if you need it.

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